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“Lois Nicolai appears to have lived ten lifetimes in one. Ordinary People, Extraordinary Times provides incredible insight into the actions of a profoundly courageous woman and those who are also willing to risk it all while fighting the good fight, primarily through the World Citizen Diplomat organization. For me the most eye-opening part of Nicolai's memoir is the no-holds-barred look at the impact of radiation on some of the world's most vulnerable, namely children, which is absolutely heart-breaking.

 +++++  5-Star Review

Reviewed by Asher Syed


"Author Lois Nicolai delivers a superb work that will captivate readers from all walks of life, most especially those who are interested in stepping outside of their own cultures and comfort zones. For those in educational settings, the book is exceedingly well-edited and organized to give a really informative experience of lesser-known cultures and countries, most especially Kazakhstan, where the bulk of Nicolai's investigation and advocacy takes place.........I would highly recommend it as an accomplished work that will be sure to broaden the horizons of anyone who reads it."

+++++  5-Star Review

Reviewed by K.C. Finn


"Ordinary People, Extraordinary Times is a simple and straightforward read that outlines the courage and exceeding humility of Lois Nicolai. I loved the self-effacing way the author approached this story. She always seemed incredibly surprised at the impact one little woman from the farm was able to have on world leaders, movers, and shakers. It was this humility that made the story so compelling for me. This story gives each of us reason to stop and think about what, if any, contribution we personally are making to make a difference in the world and to protect it for our children, our grandchildren, and generations yet born."

 +++++  5-Star Review

Reviewed by Grant Leishman


"Nicolai writes with verve and good humor while projecting, modestly, an image of her adventures -- and adventurous spirit -- that anyone, especially any female -- might envy.  The book (and doubtless those that will follow) has a cinematic aspect that could, and probably should, evoke a film version.  All told, Nicolai's memoir is anything but ordinary -- her life's work is an inspiration, and this account of her life is both eloquent and engagingly down to earth."

++++ 1/2 - Star Review   ( 4 1/2-Star)

Reviewed by the Editor of SPR


"Ordinary People, Extraordinary Times: A Memoir of One Citizen Activist appears in two editions: one in color and one in black and white.  The colorful photo edition is being reviewed here, and is highly recommended reading for its engrossing story of how Lois Ann Nicolai moved from a 26-year marriage in Indiana that ended with her husband's sudden death to becoming an activist at age 50........the power of the color prints in this title is outstanding and are part of what lends a compelling immediacy to Nicolai's story."

  Reviewed by Diane Donovan, Editor


(Midwest does not issue star ratings)

"I would like to tell you why this effort is important and valuable. Lois worked as a "citizen activist" for peace initiatives, in Europe and America.  In these endeavors, as an unpaid volunteer, she wrote grants, encouraged various peace conferences, visited internationally, and hosted Russian and Eastern Europeans to visit America for demonstrations against nuclear testing.

 Reviewed by Barbara F. Nodine, PhD 

  Professor Emerita



A Lifelong Citizen Activist

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