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"Ordinary People, Extraordinary Deeds: A Memoir of a World Citizen Diplomat is the final book in Lois Ann Nicolai's memoir trilogy and covers the various inspiring achievements of the organization. We discover the way that Lois and her colleagues worked to ensure it became a non-profit organization and received funding from LifeBridge Foundation for various major projects carried out between 1993 and 2004. The numerous humanitarian programs described in the book took place in different locations such as
Alaska, Vancouver, Montreal, and Volgograd. Several people benefited from the organization's projects. For example, Natalya and Sasha Greschenko are Russian refugees who were provided with an apartment, cash, and food for their new life in the USA. World Citizen Diplomats also helped to create a business partnership to bring much-needed medicines to Kazakhstan. Every successful project it undertook proved that the organization was truly achieving its goal of promoting "domestic, international, and intercultural understanding among people worldwide.


Fun travels, an enlightening view of diverse cultures, heartwarming acts of kindness, and more of the book's intriguing features kept me reading far into the night. The author must have undertaken a meticulous appraisal of her memories and records to come up with such a rich, intricate memoir. Anyone who wishes to start a similar movement to contribute to a better world will appreciate the comprehensive details of World Citizen Diplomats accomplishments, such as securing funds and becoming officially
registered. Lois Ann Nicolai is such an inspiring character. She kept going even when she was told she had a good chance of failing. Take time out to tap into the humanity and courage of the author and her friends by reading Ordinary People, Extraordinary Deeds. You will learn a lot about how you can contribute to improving world peace, interconnectedness, and tolerance."


Review Rating: 5 Stars 

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