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"Ordinary People, Extraordinary Times: A Memoir of One Citizen Activist is a work of non-fiction written in the autobiographical style by author Lois Nicolai. Centered on themes such as activism, acceptance, discovery, and kindness towards our fellow man, this is a fascinating work which not only explores the emotive rollercoaster of the author’s own life story but teaches valuable lessons about the contributions we can make to society whatever our age, gender or background. As the first in a trilogy of works about the author’s life and efforts as a citizen activist, this book highlights some very tragic and poignant news about the effects of radiation disease, and advocates for its eradication.

Author Lois Nicolai delivers a superb work that will captivate readers from all walks of life, most especially those who are interested in stepping outside of their own cultures and comfort zones. For those in educational settings, the book is exceedingly well-edited and organized to give a really informative experience of lesser-known cultures and countries, most especially Kazakhstan, where the bulk of Nicolai’s investigation and advocacy takes place. One of the things that I most admired about the work was that the narration has a raw, honest quality to it, with the author demonstrating important personal events that lead to the journey of activism, but also giving vivid descriptions of the horrors witnessed that certainly stick in the mind, along with their messages. Overall, I would highly recommend Ordinary People, Extraordinary Times: A Memoir of One Citizen Activist as an accomplished work that will be sure to broaden the horizons of anyone who reads it."


Review Rating: 5 Stars 

K.C. Finn for Readers’ Favorite


A Lifelong Citizen Activist

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