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"Lois Ann Nicolai dives into another fascinating chapter of her own life in Ordinary People, Extraordinary Elections: A Memoir of International Democracy Builders, an insightful and passionately penned memoir.Reflecting on political subjects and personal experiences that are both timely and timeless, readers are given a behind-the-scenes view into the nuances of contentious elections and culture in a myriad of countries, across Bosnia, Croatia, Sarajevo, Macedonia, Georgia, Kosovo, and more. This may not sound like a suspense-filled premise for a memoir but given the particular locations and high-stakes geopolitical contexts of the author’s travels, many of the anecdotes are downright thrilling.


Working as an International Democratic Election Supervisor and Observer in ten European countries proves to be ripe fodder for jaw-dropping stories and on-the-ground perspectives that are rarely documented, let alone compiled. Complemented by candid photos of her adventures and achievements abroad, this deeply personal memoir is a testament to electoral freedom, democracy, and personal service to the greater good. In an era when election integrity is being questioned across the world, this memoir is a reminder of the effort and dedication required to protect sacred liberties around the world.


Those readers who are unfamiliar with Eastern European political structures, or the fascinating history of post-Cold War voting blocs, will likely learn a great deal about this resilient region, as well as about constitutions and electoral systems that are more progressive than the United States and other western superpowers. The nitty-gritty of electioneering is rarely dull when explained by an author who sincerely cares for and enjoys this niche of essential work. The depth of detail is also notable, evidence of an excellent memory or a reliable habit of journaling, allowing for these adventures to come to vivid life on the page, even thirty years later."


Review Rating: 4 Stars 

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A Lifelong Citizen Activist

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