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Try to travel, otherwise you may become racist and you may end up believing that your skin is the only one to be right, that your language is the most romantic and that you were the first to be the first.

Travel, because if you don't travel then your thoughts won’t be strengthened or filled with ideas. Your dreams will be born with fragile legs and then you end up believing in tv-shows, and in those who invent enemies that fit perfectly with your nightmares, to make you live in terror.

Travel, because travel teaches to say good morning to everyone regardless of which side of the sun we come from.

Travel, because travel teaches to say goodnight to everyone regardless of the darkness that we carry inside.

Travel, because traveling teaches to resist, not to depend, to accept others, not just for who they are but also for what they can never be.

To know what we are capable of, to feel part of a family beyond borders, beyond traditions and culture. Traveling teaches us to be beyond.

Travel, otherwise you end up believing that you are made only for a panorama and instead -- inside you -- there are wonderful landscapes
still to visit.

-Gio Evan, poet and songwriter.
Translated from Italian.


A Lifelong Citizen Activist

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