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1938 -- My first birthday photo.

1947 -- I was a 4-H member and given a chance to raise Karen, my Seeing Eye Dog trainee, for six months before he went to the Morristown Seeing Eye Training Center.

1944 -- My three siblings, Maxine, Billy and Nancy when I was 7 years old.

1949 -- I rode my horse, Montana, daily from when I got him for Christmas when I was twelve until I went to college.

1951 -- Carol Christenson and me walking into our Eighth Grade Graduation Ceremony at our Chatham Township Grammar School.

1953 -- Jack Ziegler and me preparing to leave for his high school prom at Madison High School. We became friends when I was twelve and we met ice-skating on our backyard pond. He was my first boyfriend.

1955 -- My high school graduation picture. I was the first and only graduate in my family.

1957 -- My husband, James Joseph Leffler (Jimmy Joe), was from St. Paul, Indiana. Our reception was held at The Elks Club in Madison.

1957 -- Jim and me cutting our wedding cake at our beautiful wedding reception.

1968 -- We were a very close family!

1970 -- My four daughters and I were active in Girl Scouting. I was a leader and Day Camp Directer in St. Paul for fifteen years

1971 -- I taught pre-school and kindergarten for seven years. Here both my youngest children, Brenda and Jimmy, were in my class.

1977 -- I coached our St. Paul Super Stars softball team for seven years, and in 1977 we won the Indiana ASA Girls 13-15 age level State Championship sponsored by Ponderosa Steak House.

1982 -- My six children and me taken the day after we finished a month detasseling corn in the Pioneer Seed Corn fields in Greenfield, Indiana

1983 -- The five youngest of my six children the day they returned to Indiana State University in Terre Haute, Indiana. It was the first time five siblings attended at the same time.

1990 -- My six adult children and me.

1990 - The White Nights Ball in Princeton with three of my four daughters.

1999 -- Our family picture taken when my parents, Bill and Gladys Nicolai, were in their eighties.

1996 -- I met with Hillary Clinton in the Blue Room of the White House before the Women Summit in Beijing, China.

1985 -- My son married his wife, Angie, when she was 17 and he was 19 in Terre Haute, Indiana.

My daughter, Eileen, married Keith Larkin in Mendham. They were married by Monsignor Corr, the same priest who married my husband and me thirty years earlier.

My daughter, Patty & her husband, Townsend, at their Island Wedding in Bermuda. My friend, Dolores, attended with my daughter, Brenda, and her future husband, Michael, and Townsend's brother, John, with his future wife and Townsend's father.

1992 -- My daughter Brenda married Michael Creamer and our whole family was in their wedding. Pictured here with my parents.

1985 -- My eldest daughter, Debbie, married Glen Newman in the Spring Lake park

My granddaughter, Carly married Zac in a lovely Island Wedding in Puerto Rico. Many members of both families went for a week wedding celebration!

2000 -- Our family went on a week vacation together to Disney World in Orlando, Florida

2002 -- My wonderful eighteen grandchildren with me celebrating my 65th birthday.

2004 -- Our Family Summer Picnic at Brenda and Mike's home in Aberdeen.

2012 -- Our Family Thanksgiving picture on the front steps of my Asbury Tower building

2016 -- My grandchildren and great-grandchildren at our Thanksgiving Dinner at Ocean Place in Long Branch, NJ

2012 -- Some of my dearest closest friends celebrating my 75th birthday.


A Lifelong Citizen Activist

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