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1988 -- Martin Sheen preparing to speak to his 100 guests at The Aquinas Institute in Princeton. I met him this evening and gave him a letter. The next morning he called me in response to my letter -- and chose to sponsor me for the Soviet-American Peace Walk.

April, 1988 -- I met Martin Sheen at the Aquinas Institute in Princeton, NJ, and he offered to sponsor me to participate in the Soviet-American Peace Walk across the USA with 215 Soviet citizens. Mr. Sheen opened my world to the Soviet-American era and gave me the chance to become an active World Citizen Diplomat. With his generosity he launched my 20+ years of activism. Thank you Mr. Sheen!

1988 -- My son, Michael, and daughter, Eileen, packing our cars to take me to Washington DC to start the peace walk.

My two daughters, Eileen and Patty, helping me pack our cars to head for DC and the start of the peace walk.

1988 -- The first evening after setting up all our tents. We are now ready to begin an historic journey!

1988 -- Lots of color with flags from all 15 Soviet Republics

1988 -- The march through Philadelphia, PA.

1988 -- The Peace Walkers marching down the center of the street

1988 -- Here come the Peace Walkers!

1988 -- A typical welcome sign as we walked from town to town.

1988 -- My granddaughter, Shana, posing with a group of Soviet walkers

1988 -- Three Soviet citizens walkers enjoying their trip.

1988 -- Shana and an American lady walker posing with two Soviet men.

1988 -- My granddaughter, Shana, posing with Tamara Strypko, a Soviet walker from Ukraine (on the far right) and another member of the Soviet delegation with their American host family.

1988 -- Valentina Anopova, an artist from St. Petersburg with another Soviet walker on the Soviet-American Peace Walk.

1988 -- My ten-year-old granddaughter, Shana, walked with me from Las Angeles to San Francisco. Here we are preparing to walk across the Golden Gate Bridge with all our walkers.

1988 -- The Soviet-American Peace Walk was a breakthrough for average citizens in both countries. Communism soon fell!

1988 -- We walked, bused and flew from Washington DC to San Francisco, covering almost 4,000 miles.

1989 -- My wonderful hosts Julia and Sasha in Volgograd, Russia. This shot is outside their flat right on the Volga River.

1989 -- When our bus pulled in to Volgograd to begin our visit, we were greeted with the Russian tradition of welcoming with a hot loaf of delicious bread. Here is Jean Dorgan, Trish and me joining another member of our delegation for the welcoming ceremony.

1989 -- The trainer of this famous race horse stable asked if anyone would like to drive his beautiful stallion. "Yes, Yes" I yelled, and soon was driving it around the racetrack. Who could ever refuse? Not me!

1989 -- Our Bridges For Peace delegation was taken on a full day tour of all the monuments and museums from the Battle of Stalingrad from WW2 during our two-week visit in Volgograd, Russia.

1989 -- Our Bridges For Peace delegation with local friends in front of Mamaev Kurgan, a historical complex of heroes of the Battle of Stalingrad.

1989 -- Michael Shubin, a citizen in Volgograd, Russia, decided to start a chapter of World Citizen Diplomats (WCD) in his city of Volgograd, and we are here signing an agreement to work together.

1989 -- Dolores and I were taken to the Volga River for an all day picnic where our hosts fished for the sturgeon fish eggs, Caviar which comes from several species of sturgeon, and what we were served was beluga caviar called "black gold".

My new Russian friend wanted to invite me to his flat and he said he would make me potato soup! It is a good thing Zhamil and Umyt were with me or I might still be living in a tiny flat in Almaty!

1992 -- This wonderful Russian man saw me resting on the bench and came over and sat next to me, thinking I was a Russian lady. When I spoke English he was shocked and asked me to come see his flat. Zhamil and Umyt were standing close by and explained I was with them!

1992 -- I met this lovely Russian man at the Almaty Zoo.

1991 -- The four of us WCD members on St. Wenceslas Square in Prague, Czechoslovakia

1991 -- Taken back stage at the production of PEACE CHILD in the Prague Castle in Prague.

1991 -- The PEACE CHILD production staged in the Prague Castle, Prague, Czechoslovakia

1991 -- The final scene of PEACE CHILD with the 100 young people who put it on in the Prague Castle.

1991 -- Our WCD delegation helped put on this production of PEACE CHILD in the Prague Castle.

1991 -- Our delegation of WCD members spent a week in Prague, Czechoslovakia, helping David Gordon and his partner produce a stage production of PEACE CHILD in the Prague Castle, put on by more than a hundred children from four countries.

Zhamil and his sister in his livingroom in Almaty, Kazakhstan.

1991 -- The first time I met Aiga and Maulin Isin they were 9 and 13 years old. They are Umyt and Zhamil's children. Eventually they came to America and spent months living with us.

1991 -- Visiting friends of Umyt and Zhamil in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan.

1992 -- We visited Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan on our way from Kazakhstan to Uzbekistan.

1991 -- This is the original group of WCD members who helped organize our new peace organization, focusing on creating dialogue with our new Soviet friends.

1997 -- Our WCD members attending a monthly meeting at the home of Ardeshir and Pouron Dean in Princeton.

1997 -- WCD members at the home of Ardeshir and Pouron Dean in Princeton

Professor Dietrich Fischer speaking at the WCD training of Peace negotiators at Princeton University

1990's -- A meeting of our WCD members at Princeton University

Award winners of the WCD training for Peace negotiators, held at the Woodrow Wilson School, Princeton University.

1990's -- Our WCD planning session before leaving on the Peace 2000 Caravan through Canada

1990's -- Our monthly WCD meeting at the home of Ardeshir and Pouron Dean in Princeton, NJ.

1990's -- One of our many WCD meetings in the home of Ardeshir and Pouron Dean in Princeton, NJ.

Wendy and Andy Hiester at our WCD meeting in Princeton.

A group of our WCD and World Peace 2000 Network friends frolicking together in-between sessions of hard work.

My dearest friend and colleague, Professor Dietrich Fischer, with his wife Philomena and me. Dietrich worked with me for ten years building World Citizen Diplomats.

Professor Micheo Kako speaking on a panel at the UN

Dr. Cherzin of Indonesia presenting me a flag from his country

1990's -- Dr. Cherzin from Indonesia speaking to our WCD group at our picnic gathering in Bristol, Pennsylvania

1990's -- Dr. Cherzin speaking at our WCD picnic.

Fordham University, NYC, Dr. Cherzin of Indonesia was our speaker. He joined us at our WCD meeting and we built a friendship between our two organizations

Izzeldin Aboulesh from the Gaza in the Middle East

Izzeldin Aboulesh from the Gaza in the Middle East with me.

1994 -- The main street scene in Samarakand, Uzbeckastan

1994 -- Charlotte Melville enjoying a meal bought along the roadside as we drove through Kergystan on our way to Uzbeckastan.

1994 -- RoseMarie, Charlotte and me with our friend Zhamil and local citizens in front of the main Mosque in Samarakand, Uzbeckastan

1994 -- Rose Marie Nemeth, Charlotte Melville and I were escorted by our friend Zhamil Isin into Uzbeckastan without visas! We made it to Samarakand and back through Kergystan safely, which was a miracle! This was the main street scene.

1994 -- A group picture of John Ebinezer of India, our Kazakh guests and Barbara Rash in Princeton, NJ

1994 -- John Ebinezer from India, with Charlotte Melville, Barbara Rash and Michael Leffler at our WCD gathering in Princeton.

1994 -- Olzhas Suleimenov, Aiga and Kazakh members with Professor Dietrich Fischer and me in Princeton.

1990's -- Professor Muhammad Najib from Jakarta, Indonesia with WCD members in Princeton.

1994 -- A group picture of our Kazakh and Irish guests with Fran Marasco and me in Princeton, NJ

1994 -- Members of the Kazakh delegation with my son, Michael Leffler and me at the home of their host family in Princeton, NJ

1994 -- My friends Aiga and her mother Umyt enjoying our World Citizens Congress in Lawrenceville, NJ

1994 -- Zhamil Isin and a member of his Kazakh delegation speaking with a WCD member.

1994 -- Zhamil Isin of Kazakhstan enjoying a conversation with a member of our WCD group during the World Citizens Congress

1994 -- Celene James from Derry, Northern Ireland and Umyt from Kazakhstan join me at our World Citizens Congress in Lawrenceville, NJ

1994 -- The Kazakh delegation having dinner at The Tavern On The Green in Central Park, NYC

1994 -- Umyt Sakariva brought Kazakh scarfs to give to all her American friends, several whom had visited her in her home in Almaty, Kazakhstan.

1994 -- Zhamil Isin of Kazakhstan translating for me at our World Citizens Congress held at Rider University in Lswrenceville, NJ

1996 -- I met with the First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton at the White House before the Womens Summit in Beijing, China. and before I went to Iceland and met with President Vigdis Finnbogadottir.

1996 -- Our hike into the hills around the University for Peace in Costa Rica.

1996 -- Our 12 men and 12 women members of the World Peace 2000 Network attending a two-day seminar at the University for Peace in Costa Rica.

1996 -- Robert Mueller, former Under-Secretary General of the UN and me on the porch of his cabin on the University for Peace campus in Costa Rica

1996 -- Members of the World Peace 2000 Network enjoying lunch together at the University for Peace in Costa Rica.

1996 -- Former UN Under-Secretary General Robert Mueller, Thur Magnussin of Iceland, Charlotte Melville, Former President of Costa Rica Rodrigo Carazo and Richard Sidy of Arizona.

1996 -- David Woolfson of Canada, Former President Rodrigo Carazo of Costa Rica, Charlotte Melville of Pennsylvania and guest.

1996 -- Our World Peace 2000 Network spending two days in dialogue together.

1996 -- Our World Peace 2000 Network meeting held at the University for Peace in Costa Rica. We set up the two-day conference by alternating the 12 men and 12 women representing many nations in attendance

1996 -- Our Peace 2000 Network weekend seminar at the UN University for Peace in Costa Rica. I organized, prepared the agenda, and expected former President Rodrigo Carazo of Costa Rica to chair the meeting. But at the start of the meeting he informed me that he wanted me to be the chair!! OMG!! But I did it. I am sitting between Rodrigo Carazo and Robert Mueller. A real honor!

1997 -- Our Peace 2000 Caravan through Canada.

1997 -- Wachid Ridwan from Indonesia and I traveled for ten weeks from NJ through Montreal across Canada and up to Alaska before heading down the western seacoast on the Peace 2000 Caravan.

1997 -- Dialogue in Montreal, Canada.

1997 -- Wachid Ridwan from Indonesia, Peace Pilgrim from Pennsylvania and I traveled from Montreal across Canada to Vancouver and up to Alaska on our ten-week Peace Caravan. We met with mayors in every one of the twenty cities we visited.

1997 -- Wachid Ridwan from Indonesia, Peace Pilgrim from Pennsylvania and I at a greeting in Toronto, during our ten-week Peace Caravan tour through Canada

1997 -- Wachid Ridwan and me as we travel throughout Canada on the Peace 2000 Caravan, covering 10,000 miles in ten weeks.

1998 -- A quick pose in front of our ten-passenger French Peugeot Boxer van that I drove 10,000 miles in ten weeks throughout Europe in.

1998 -- Dialogue during luncheon meetings throughout ten countries in Europe

1998 -- Wachid Ridwan having a conversation at one of our many citizen gatherings.

1998 -- One of hundreds of citizen discussions throughout Europe during the Peace Caravan

1998 -- One of many enjoyable dinners throughout Europe during our Peace Caravan

1998 -- Peace Caravan through Europe

1998 -- Peace Caravan in Munich, Germany

1998 -- Margareet Stuurman and Wachid Ridwan enjoying dinner together in Zeist, Netherlands

1998 -- Meeting with my friend, Kazakh Ambassador Olzhas Suleimenov in Rome, Italy during our Peace Caravan through Europe

1998 -- Alyona and her father Yuri Kuidin entertaining us at a host home during the Peace 2000 Caravan trip through Europe

1998 -- My hosts, Margareet and Fritz Stuurman in Zeist, Netherlands

1999 - Our World Citizen Diplomats (WCD) booth at The Hague Appeal for Peace Conference in The Hague, Netherlands.

1999 - Rose Marie Nemeth, Fritz Stuurman and guest enjoying a frolic in a tulip field in Zeist, Netherlands.

1999 - Speakers at the WCD session held at The Hague Appeal for Peace Conference in Netherlands

1999 - Fredrik Heffermehl from Oslo, Norway, speaking at our WCD session at The Hague Appeal for Peace in Netherlands.

2011 -- Zhamil working on his book in his office at their home in Almaty, Kazakhstan

2011 -- Umyt, my dear friend, preparing another delicious meal in Almaty, Kazakhstan

2011 -- My friend Umyt preparing a delicious meal at her home in Almaty, Kazakhstan

2011 -- My hosts, Umyt and Zhamil, treated me like a queen in their home in Almaty, Kazakhstan, during my seventh visit since first visiting them in 1991


A Lifelong Citizen Activist

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