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1983 -- My five younger children the first day of their autumn semester at Indiana State University in Terre Haute, Indiana

1987 -- My daughter, Brenda, accompanied me when I moved into Professor Richard Falk's home in Princeton, NJ.

1990 -- Professor Richard Falk speaking at our World Citizen Diplomat meeting in the Woodrow Wilson School at Princeton University.

1990 -- Dr. Eleana Ershova, a Senior Researcher from the USA-Canadian Peace Institute Academy of Sciences, in Moscow, Russia with me, our driver and translator.

1991 -- Honorable Olzhas Suleimenov visited with our WCD members and spoke at a dinner in his honor at the home of Jim and Gail Firestone in Princeton. He is here with Jean Dorgan, Dolores Hewitt and me with other members of our group

1989 -- The ten members of our Princeton based Coalition for Nuclear Disarmament organization preparing to go through the barbed wire fence into the forbidden area for nuclear testing outside Las Vegas, Nevada, to commit our civil disobedience against the testing.

1989 -- Our group members are helping me get through the barbed wire fence because I got caught on the fencing.

1991 -- Honorable Olzhas Suleimenov, Aaron Tovish, Director of the Parliamentarians for Global Action and Vladimir Iakimets, translator and advisor to Olzhas, from the USSR. having a discussion in Monmouth County, NJ.

1990 -- Bob Moore, Directer of the Princeton based Coalition for Nuclear Disarmament with the Kazakh delegation at the home of Professor Frank von Hippel.

1991 -- The invitation flier sent out to those invited to attend our Opening of the Test Ban Treaty Conference to be held at the United Nations in NYC.

1991 -- Aaron Tovish and me at the festivities opening the Test Ban Treaty Conference.

1991 -- Iowa Senator Tom Harkin, Peoples Deputy of the Supreme Soviet Honorable Olzhas Suleimenov and a Turkish journalist at the festivities.

1991 -- Dolores Hewitt, Pakistani Senator Jived Jabar and me at the ballroom dance for the conference in NYC.

1991 -- Three guests, some of whom were surviving Downwinders of the nuclear testsite

1991 -- H.E. Dr. and Mrs. Olafur Grimsson, Minister of Finance from Iceland, who made the Concluding Remarks at our dinner.

1991 -- Olzhas Suleimenov and his translator Vladimir Iakamets with Dr. Olafur Grimsson, Dolores and me at this very important gathering.

1991 -- My friend Dolores Hewitt with lady attendees.

1991 -- Warren Allmand, MP from Canada, Ali Alatas, the Foreign Minister of Indonesia, with Dolores and me at the Opening Ceremony in NYC

1991 -- Senator Tom Harkin and Dolores Hewitt enjoying the evening.

1991 -- Honorable Olzhas Suleimenov and his translator, Vladimir Iakimets with a group of Down-winders in front of the United Nations in NYC.

1991 -- Demonstrations outside the UN during the Test Ban Treaty Conference being held in the United Nations.

1991 -- American and Soviet citizens demonstrating against nuclear testing across the street from the United Nations.

1991 -- Olzhas Suleimenov speaking at the public protests across the street from the United Nations.

1989 -- Olzhas Suleimenov and Karipbek Kuyukov leading the peoples protest in Semipalatinsk, Kazakhstan

1989 -- Citizens in Kazakhstan speaking out at their protest to close the Soviet nuclear test site.

1991 -- Our delegation was greeted in Pavlodar with flowers from a little Kazakh girl.

1991 -- Our group of seven Americans standing on the stage with Kazakh dignitaries.

1991 -- I spoke to approximately 7,000 Kazakh nomads, all participating in the final closing of the Soviet nuclear test site in Semipalatinsk.

1991 -- I had the privilege to speak to the Kazakh citizens who attended this historic event when the people themselves declared the final closing of their test site.

1991 -- Approximately 7,000 Kazakh nomads celebrating the final closing of the Soviet nuclear test site.

1991 -- Thousands of Kazakh citizens enjoying the speeches of the first Americans they ever met.

1991 -- A typical Senior citizen in attendance to this historic event.

1991 -- Citizens hanging colored ribbons and strips of bright colored cloth on a tree at the test site, representing those loved ones who died from radiation poisoning from the nuclear testi

1991 -- Kazakh citizens speaking out for those who died because of the radiation poisoning from nuclear testing.

1991 -- Kazakh and American citizen activists bonding together for a common cause.

1991 -- Kazakh citizens asked me to sign their programs for the event.

1991 -- A group of Kazakh people asking me to sign their programs.

1991 -- A group of us posing in front of the yurt where our American delegation was served their National Kazakh meal, hosted by the local dignitaries.


1991 -- I brought a seven member American group to celebrate the final closing of the nuclear test site in Semipalatinsk, Kazakhstan at the invitation of Olzhas Suleimenov. Here we are enjoying the Kazakh National Meal in a shepherds' yurt with the Mayor and his dignitaries the afternoon of the celebration.

1991 -- We all danced in the sand while the sun went down, ending an unbelievable historical day!

1992 -- Dottie Troxell from Lexington, MO, USA with her son. They met with us in Kansas City, MO at her request. Dottie had a story to tell us!

1992 -- Dottie and Karipbek had a two-hour conversation, relating as two radiation victims.

1992 -- Moscow, Iowa. My group from the USSR insisted we had to stop for a picture.

1992 -- Des Moines, Iowa. We were hosted by Ed Fallon from the "Clarion Alliance".

1992 -- Enjoying one of the many evening pot-luck dinners

1992 -- An evening gathering with guests and host families.

1992 -- We enjoyed many conversations with new friends as we traveled.

1992 -- We put all Karipbek's paintings around the room for people to view and after dinner several members of our group spoke on radiation disease.

1992 -- Yuri Kuiden explaining some of his photographs taken in Kazakhstan.

1992 -- Displaying our photos and drawings each evening.

1992 -- Boulder, Colorado. Mary Axe representing the "Sister Cities" organization was one of our hosts. This is in front of the Boulder University main building.

1992 -- We held an open-air seminar on the campus of the University of Colorado. Tom Marshall & LeRoy Moore of the "Rocky Mountain Peace Center" also helped host us, along with Mike Denton of the "100th Monkey" organization.

1992 -- Boulder, Colorado. University of Colorado Campus. Students viewing the many paintings of Karipbek and photographs of radiation victims taken by Yuri Kuiden.

1992 -- Vladimir, Yuri, Karipbek and Saule discussing our next leg of our journey.

1992 --Visiting the Los Alamos National Labs in New Mexico

1992 -- Albuquerque, New Mexico. My cousin Steve Perin and me having a memorable conversation after many years apart.

1992 -- Albuquerque, New Mexico. Throughout our trip we posted artistic drawings by Karipbek and photographs taken by Yuri, showing the devastating consequences of radiation disease.

1992 -- A gathering for pizza at the home of one of our many host families.

1992 -- Another gathering at the home of another host family

1992 -- Our group at Hoover Dam.

1992 -- One more gathering as we traveled on our way to the Nevada nuclear test site.

1992 -- Karipbek playing the piano with his toes -- since he had no arms from the radiation from nuclear testing in his home region.

1992 -- One of our many lunch stops as we traveled from one state to another on our thirty day travels around the USA.

1992 -- Karipbek with his display of paintings that he drew with a paint brush in his teeth.

1992 -- Des Moines, Iowa with Ed Fallon and other host families

1992 -- Karipbek and me in front of his display of paintings.

1992 -- One of our many gatherings as we traveled around the USA.

1992 -- Tucson, Arizona. My cousin, Robin Perin, with a local lady who had immigrated to Tucson years earlier and organized a Sister City relationship with the citizens of Tucson and her city in Kazakhstan.

1992 -- Tucson, Arizona. Vera Kuidina and me with some of the Tucson host families.

1992 -- Tucson, Arizona. A really wonderful evening together when we arrived in Tucson.

1992 -- A group picture of our delegation and some hosts in Tucson.

1992 -- Oracle, Arizona. Mark Nelson, Biosphere 2 Project Leader resided within the biosphere with six others for two years. Here is Mark with Jane Pointer as they spoke to us through the glass window.

1992 -- Oracle, Arizona. We visited the Biosphere 2 project.

1992 -- Oracle, Arizona. Our delegation posing for a picture with Mark Nelson and Jane Pointer inside the Biosphere behind the glass window.

1992 -- Oracle, Arizona. Our delegation enjoying the Biosphere 2 Project.

1992 -- Oracle, Arizona. Another great shot of our group at the Biosphere.

1992 -- Las Vegas, Nevada. We participated in the four-day gathering sponsored by the "American Peace Test" and the "Nevada Desert Experience" organizations.

1992 -- Las Vegas, Nevada. This four-day gathering was to push for a moratorium to stop nuclear testing in the USA at the Nevada test site.

1992 -- Las Vegas, Nevada. We met with many of the thousands of protesters during our four-day visit.

1992 -- Las Vegas, Nevada. A Chief of the Shoshone Nation speaking with House of Representative Mike Kopetski at the gathering.

1992 -- Las Vegas, Nevada. Vladimir and I are talking with Casey Kasem, who was the Master of Cermonies for the four-day event.

1992 -- Las Vegas, Nevada. The crowd of participants.

1992 -- Las Vegas, Nevada. Another group picture of many of the attendees.

1992 -- Las Vegas, Nevada. Because the American nuclear test site land was taken away from the Shoshone Indian Nation, many Shoshone Indians participated to demand the test site closed and the land given back to them.

1992 -- San Marcus, CA. We are now in California with our host families.

1992 -- Oceanside, CA. Five of us from our traveling delegation were guests of my daughter, Debbie, and her family in Oceanside. What a wonderful way to spend my 55th birthday -- with my daughter, son-in-law and grandchildren.!

1992 -- San Francisco, CA. Vera Kuidina, Saule and me on a boat provided by Andrea and Evert Kraai.

1992 -- San Francisco Bay, CA. Karipbek, his sister Saule, my grandson, Steven McReynolds, and me on a cruise with Andrea and Evert Kraai on the San Francisco Bay.

1992 -- Group members posing in front of a local store as we drove west.

1992 -- April 24, New York City, NY. Karipbek and Rollen Seisenbayev were interviewed by McNeal/Lear Newshour in NYC and the 20 minute segment was aired internationally in July, 1992.

1992 -- New York City, NY. Because of this interview the United States Senate voted for a nuclear disarmament moratorium to stop nuclear testing in Nevada, which was accomplished in July, 1992 -- three months after our caravan traveled around the USA.

1992 -- The day after we returned from our thirty-day tour of the USA we visited Washington DC and spoke with many Senators and Congressmen about our concern with the nuclear testing causing radiation disease in our country.

1992 -- Washington, DC. Our visit to the Senators and Congressmen concerning radiation disease.

1992 -- October 17, 1992, Almaty, Kazakhstan. First Lady Sarah Nazarbayeva of Kazakhstan held her first TV-Marathon-Auction to raise money to build a children's hospital in Almaty, Kazakhstan. This is a group of children at the festivities in their national attire.

1992 -- Almaty, Kazakhstan. During the day they held a Children's Festival with entertainment, rides and many delicious baked foods. Her are larger-than normal sized human puppets

1992 -- Almaty, Kazakhstan. This is a ten-foot tall human puppet entertaining the children.

1992 -- Almaty, Kazakhstan. The Kazakh dancers are on the platform in front of the Kazakh Performing Arts Building.

1992 -- Almaty, Kazakhstan Kazakh teenagers with Shariffa, Umyt and me on the side of the Kazakh Performing Arts Building where all the evening festivities will be held.

1992 -- Almaty, Kazakhstan. Teen-age girls in their national attire swinging on their big "standing swing", with Shariffa, Umyt and me.

1992 -- Almaty, Kazakhstan. This is a big swing that you can ride standing up.

1992 -- Almaty, Kazakhstan. Zhamil, Shariffa Khan and me touring the Kazakhstan mountains. We were 13 kilometres from the city at the famous ice-skating rink.

1992 -- Almaty, Kazakhstan. This is Medeo, the famous ice-skating rink that hosted the 1974 European Speed-Skating Championship for women and the 1988 Men's World Championship that was won by the American skater Eric Flaim.

1992 -- Almaty, Kazakhstan. This was taken the day after the festivities when we presented the $60,000 gift of medicine for the children, donated by Bristol-Myers Squibb. Here left to right -- Zhamil, Umyt, me, First Lady Sarah Nazarbaeva, Shariffa and the First Lady's private secretary.

1992 -- Kergystan. Umyt, me, Secretary of Transportation for Kazakhstan, Zhimil, Shariffa and Secretary of Transportation of Kergystan.


A Lifelong Citizen Activist

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