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A group of my lady friend colleagues at lunch with me at our hotel restaurant in Pristina, Kosovo

Three colleagues, including Bob Fischer from the USA and David Cameron from Scotland, who worked with me on the Bosnia Elections -- as we traveled from Split to Sarajevo.

My friend Jill from Holmdel, NJ came to spend two days with me before she flew back home after her mission in Kosovo.

1997 -- This was a typical scene as we were bused from Split, Croatia to Sarajevo to work our first OSCE election. The war had just ended a few weeks earlier.

1997 -- Our first morning in Sarajevo we woke up to this tank sitting ten feet from the door of our motel room, there to protect us supervisors.

1997 -- My first assignment as an OSCE Election Supervisor was for the Bosnia-Herzegovina Municipal Elections. As we drove into Sarajevo for the first time we saw this famous newspaper building that was demolished during the war.

1997 -- Charlotte Melville and me as OSCE election supervisors with our translators and driver at the polling station in Vogasca, a suburb of Sarajevo.

1997 -- This is my second election assignment as an International Supervisor for the Parliament Elections at the Polling Station in Vogasca, another suburb of Sarajevo. Here the children at this school sang for us.

1997 -- My Polling Committee preparing to pour out the ballots to count them.

1997 -- My first polling station assignment was in Nova Grad, a suburb of Sarajevo. This is my local polling committee.

1997 -- I am taking a rest on the sidewalk of Sarajevo and noticed a Bosnian grandma walking by. Two grandmas from opposite sides of our planet!

1997 -- Charlotte Melville and I were stationed in Sarajevo for our first election, so we found the best friends we could choose to keep us safe!

1997 -- A famous musician from Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina who was so distraught over the enemy burning of their National Library that he held concerts in the ashes to fund rebuilding it.

2001 -- My committee in the village of Zubin Potok, Kosovo, in front of the UN building where our OSCE office was situated. They were a fantastic group of colleagues.

1997 -- The Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina National Library being purposely burned to the ground during the war in Sarajevo.

2001 -- My translator, Slavisa, with her family in Zubin Potok, Kosovo

2001 -- My translator, Lubisha, with his family in Zubin Potok, Kosovo. He was an excellent translator and a very enjoyable young man.


My OSCE team of colleagues in Zubin Potok, including Jozef and Tobias, with our landlady, Momirka and her daughter.

2001 -- My landlady, Momirka, and her daughter in Zubin Potok. They became two wonderful friends during my six-month stay in their village.

My friend Jill from Holmdel, NJ, visiting with my translator, Slavisa, and her family in Zubin Potok.

2001 -- My translators and committee members in front of their old office before the UN building was available in Zubin Potok, Kosovo.

2001 -- Registering Serbian citizens in the mountain region outside Zubin Potok to enable them to vote in the November, 2001 Parliament elections in Kosovo.

2001 -- Taking the picture of each villager for the registration books in preparation for their Zubin Potok, Kosovo election.

2001 -- My translator Slavica with two mountain villagers the day we registered them to vote in this Fall election. The lady was presenting me with homemade bread.

My translator, Slavisa, translating for me with three wonderful people who live in the mountains outside Zubin Potok where I was registering them to vote.


2001 -- Registering people to vote for the Zubin Potok, Kosovo Elections

2001 -- My translators working with me from the Zubin Potok Election Office in Kosovo

2001 -- Mountain village farmer waiting for his opportunity to register for their upcoming Kosovo elections.

2001 -- mountain village folks waiting to register with us for their upcoming elections in Kosovo

Village Officials for the Elections

Election Polling Station

2002 -- My colleagues in Kosovo.

2001 -- Registering voters in the countryside for the Kosovo Elections

2002 -- Our committee in Prizren, Kosovo.

2007 -- Our region supervisors and translators in Moldova

2007 -- Moldova Elections -- with my partner, Jorgen Backlund from Sweden.

My OSCE "company car"

Country Boy

2007 -- Moldova Elections

2007 -- Moldova elections

2007 -- Moldova Elections

2007 -- Moldova Elections

2007 -- Moldova Elections

2010 -- My driver and translator at the elections in Tbilisi, Georgia

My partner and me at our election site in the Republic of Georgia.

2010 -- Training of our supervisors in our region of the Republic of Georgia.

2010 -- Rob Phaff and other supervisors during our training in Tbilisi, Georgia.

The Polling Station chairperson and me during the day of the election.

2010 -- A warm greeting from committee members of the Tbilisi, Georgia elections.

2010 - Tbilisi, Georgia Elections with my colleague supervisor Rob Phaff, Indiana

2010 -- A friend supervisor from Germanyworking together at the elections in Tbilisi, Georgia.

2010 -- Our group of International Short Term Observers in our region in the Republic of Georgia.

2010 -- The garden entryway to our Bed & Breakfast hotel in Tbilisi, Georgia.

2010--My friend Charlotte Melville and her daughter and son-in-law with their friend, Ron Martin, who all joined me at our closing celebration in Tbilisi, Georgia

2010--Ann and her husband Jeff Smith joined Ronald Martin and me at the closing OSCE reception in Tbilisi, Georgia.

2011 -- Luis and me with a group of local observers during the voting in Petropavlosk, Siberia, Kazakhstanskaya Oblast.

2011 -- My partner, Luis Pertusa with me at the local polling site in Petropavlosk, Siberia, Kazakhstanskaya Oblast

Election Committee in Petropavlosk, Siberia, Kazakhstanskaya Oblast


A Lifelong Citizen Activist

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